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Ask me a question!

Anything - seriously, I'll more than likely answer it. :D




Please leave me feedback here while I wait to get a page on eglfeedback.

Etsy: http://www.etsy.com/people/JelyClarisAnne/feedback
Ebay: http://feedback.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewFeedback2&userid=lolitaneko&ftab=AllFeedback
DBS: http://www.loligothdbs.com/oohsupercilious/  (I'll post the screencaps as soon as I can)

I have 21 positive feedbacks throughout all of these.

Thank you~


Quality handmade just for you. :3

And I guess I should mention that if your not in the US shipping might not be worth it, but I am willing to ship it off for you. These prices do not include shipping. Please look at my other sales posts below for rules and such when buying. ^^

Like usual, Jely Claris Anne @ Etsy.com also has items that you can check out and my deviantArt has items I can remake as well. :D

Anyway, here are the goods:



Sales -- Random

None at the moment!!


Sales -- Anime/Manga

I decided to post these on my journal to keep things organized!

This is the anime/manga post for my sales. I've been cleaning my room and found some things I should get rid of. ^^; I'm not done cleaning, so I could easily update this again randomly. >_>

Remember: I don't have pictures in this thread, but I can take pictures for proof of ownership. Please don't hesitate to ask!! :D
Manga, DVD's, and VHS FOR SALE!!Collapse )


I normally only add people I know either in real-life or online.  If I have never talked to you or seen you around there's a good chance I won't even give you a chance.

Don't take it persona
l because it really isn't.  I'm a secretive person at heart. :3

>>>Please don't ask me to friend you if you have no intention of adding me.  :c

>>>I DON'T add anyone I've never made a connection with on some level.

>>>Please, please comment here before adding me unless I know you for sure. ALL my journal entries are friends only or filtered so you won't even see anything.

>>>I do have adult themes in my journal.  Not particularly overly vulgar, but so much that I don't feel comfortable adding anyone underage.  Please don't take offense if I don't add you because of this!