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So long, and thanks for all the fish ♥
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My name is Brittany

Born in the year of 1988 as a scorpio

I am an inspiring professional seamstress and milliner

Loves music - as long as it sounds good I'll like it.

Favorite all time artists are Dir en grey and John Mayer

Other favorites are Perfume, The Ditty Bops, Stars, Utada Hikaru, Telepopmusik, Sigur Ros and Every time I Die.

I consider myself a lesbian, but I am currently in a happy relationship with a man

No, I don't want to explain why, and no I am not really bi (like its really any of your business...).

I am a lolita and I've been into this style for years now but now my passion is Dolly kei.

Pearls + ruffles + skirts = ♥

No OTT sweet lolita shit for me - and I mean that in the nicest way possible. xD

My favorite TV shows are MTV's Real Life, most shows on the Food Network and Project Runway. ^^;;

When I'm not sitting on my ass, I enjoy sewing, winterguard, writing and crochet.

And most of my journal is friends only... but I'm always looking for new friends. ^_^

If you would like to read my short stories check out my DeviantART account at http://jely-claris-anne.deviantart.com - warning for yuri/shoujo-ai/lesbian themes. Don't wanna get any flames... -_-;;

And support a sista - I'm broke. T_T But check out my etsy!!

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The pictures posted on this account are not to be used by anyone but me without my consent. Thank you! :3